4 Apps to Help You Achieve Your Goals

Achieving a goal is not always are easy as having a plan. Sometimes even though we have a training plan we find ourselves making excuses to miss workouts, ride a little bit slower, or not take care of our body through healthy eating habits. We have compiled a list of apps that will help you stay positive and focused as you move through your training.
We apologize in advance if this results in less cat videos in your life.

1. Habit List

Habit List includes everything you need to reach your goals, wrapped in a beautiful and intuitive interface. It motivates you, helps you stay focused, and keeps you on track. It’s for all the little things that make a big difference. Tracking your habits does not only mean workouts. Keeping other areas of your life in check can help reduce the stress of a busy schedule. Schedule time to eat dinner with family and friends, take your dog on a long walk, take short meditation sessions in the morning, or even to stay properly hydrated.

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2. Moment

Moment is an iOS app that automatically tracks how much you use your iPhone and iPad each day. An app that keeps you off of your apps? Crazy right. Well, hear us out — When you realize how much time you spend looking at your phone, you realize how much time you have to do other things! So stop refreshing your feed and looking at pictures of your cousin’s dog for 5th time and take that moment to do something on your want list.

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3. Gratitude

The EASY way to a happier life in just 5 MINUTES A DAY. Based on proven gratitude and mindfulness techniques, Gratitude Journal is a private diary of life’s best moments. Suitable for all personality types, Gratitude reduces stress, improves health and your overall quality of life by recording life’s best moments.

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4. Get Sh*t Done!

Sometimes it just comes down to getting sh*t done. If you don’t mind some lively lingo then this app should cheer you up when you have a big task at hand. By dividing your goal into subgoals, setting consequences for your success or failure and a smart break management system you have no more excuses left not to work on it. It’s not hard, stop procrastinating and just get that sh*t done!

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