Aquabike – Why You Might Want to Try It

What is an Aquabike?

Aquabike is a swim/bike event that focuses on the swim and bike legs of the triathlon without the run. This newly burgeoning division is now growing like crazy and has a USA National Championship annually with USA Triathlon.

Kerrville Triathlon has distances and has seen the field grow as new athletes discover this awesome multisport event.

Kerrville Triathlon Festival Offers:

Quarter Distance Aquabike: 1000m swim, 29 mile Bike

Half Distance Aquabike: 1.2 mile Swim,
56 mile Bike.

Kerrville Triathlon Aquabike Bike Triathlon Swim and Bike

Here are 4 Catagories/Reasons to Race in the Aquabike Division:

  1. Injured Athletes 

Athletes with current or chronic run injuries should consider the Quarter distanxe. It can allow you to stay at a high level of fitness and improving on your swim and bike times while your injury heals.

2. Training for your next long distance race

A well timed Quarter or Half Distance Aquabike event can be the perfect training for a longer distance race in the future. The main part of triathlon that fatigues the body and requires recovery is the run. By eliminating this obstacle you can test your race pace in a race environment and make training changes accordingly.

3. If you just hate running

Find yourself always dreading leaving T2? Then stop! Aquabike participants time stops when they enter T2

4. Staying competitive

Some of us are just not fast runners, but we want to be competitive. With Aquabike now being part of the USA National Championships, those with fast swim and bike times can find themselves representing Team USA at the ITU World Championships!