See improvement in the water when you build your endurance with this Zone3 swim gear

Whether training or racing, swimmers use a wide array of gear to be successful in the water. There’s a lot of swim gear out there that’ll improve your technique and allow you to build your endurance. This list of items from Zone3, our Official Triathlon and Swim Gear, will give you an idea of what you need to build your endurance in the water. It also just might be time to replace some of your old gear. Whether you’re new to the sport of a veteran triathlete, these options will help you improve your form and build your endurance.

Aspect Swim Goggles

Goggles are absolutely essential to any swimmer’s gear, irrespective of experience or age. You have to see where you’re going and keep water out of your eyes.  Zone3’s Aspect Swim Goggles are designed to provide excellent vision and speed while maintaining comfort. The HORIZON wide-angle lenses are beneficial in both the pool and open water. They allow for excellent peripheral vision too. The Aspect Swim Goggles come in 9 color options, provide 100% UVA/UVB protection, and anti-fog treatment. Pro tip: use these 4 tips to get better at sighting in open water.

Ergo Swim Training Hand Paddles

Most first-time triathletes don’t begin training with hand paddles. But as you get stronger they’re excellent at helping you build your endurance and improve your stroke power. Zone3’s Ergo Swim Training Hand Paddles are designed with a contoured shape that minimizes any disruption to your stroke. Another great feature is the full-hand strap that gives beginner swimmers extra support or the option for advanced swimmers to use a single-finger strap.

Multi-Colored Tropical Swim Pull Buoy

This bright and colorful pull buoy can’t be missed and can help build your endurance. Whether you’re in the middle of training or just starting out, the pull buoy helps keep your lower body afloat, allowing you to focus on your upperbody. You just place it between your legs, squeeze just tight enough, and hold it in place while swimming.

Multi-Colored Tropical Swim Kickboard

Keep the festive color theme going with this swim kickboard. Swimmers use kickboards to build leg strength, develop kicking abilities, and strengthen their core. Zone3’s swim kickboard has a performance-focused design with a streamlined shape that helps speed through the water. The unique design allows the kickboard to be used from multiple positions which can train different muscles and build your endurance in the water.

Full Leg Buoyancy Shorts 5/3mm

Buoyancy shorts like this version from Zone3 work on the same principle as the pull buoy. They help pull your hips up and allow you to work on your form and technique. The Full Leg Buoyancy Shorts 5/3mm are designed to promote hip rotation during each stroke. They help build core stability and improve body positioning. Results have shown that over time a swimmer’s body position, speed, and endurance can increase by training with buoyancy shorts. Learn more about when you can and cannot wear a wetsuit during Kerrville Tri and why.

Award-Winning Transition Backpack

A transition backpack might not scream “build your endurance,” but hear us out! All the swim gear you acquire over time to help build your endurance has to be carried around. Its transition-inspired design can hold gear for all three disciplines. But this just means you can carry all you need to the pool or your open water swim in one place. The bottom compartment is a waterproof storage area that’ll hold your wet gear without soaking everything else in the backpack. The other sections, designed to hold your cycling and running gear, are great places to store extra clothes and toiletries if you go directly to work after your swim workout. Read about the additional features and the positive reviews to see why this item has won so many awards.

Well-designed and reliable swim gear helps build endurance, improve your technique, and protect your body when you’re pushing it during training. All of the Zone3 items do just that and more! Remember, there’s always room for improvement whether you are an elite swimmer or a first-time triathlete.