What You Need to Know for the 2022 Kerrville Triathlon Festival

Packet Pick Up Expo



3:00 – 7:00 PM The Kerrville Triathlon Expo & Packet Pickup, Inn of the Hills Hotel



1:00 – 5:00 PM The Kerrville Triathlon Expo & Packet Pickup, Inn of the Hills Hotel
Per USAT Rules: Athletes must pick up their own packets. See below for more details.



In the grass behind SouthStar Bank, across the street from Inn of the Hills –  1001 Junction Hwy, Kerrville, TX 78028


Louise Hays Park
202 Thompson Dr, Kerrville, TX 78028


Mandatory Bike and Run Bag check-in is at the following times:

Sprint & Rookie Distance

It is strongly recommended that you check in your bike and run bag on Friday, if possible.


4:00 – 7:30 PM

Bike Check-In at T1 and Run Bag Check-In at T2. The gear bag must be tied on to the bike rack. Nothing can be sticking out or on the ground.

5:30 – 6:30 AM

Race Day Packet Pickup (Rookie & Sprint only) and Run Bag Check-In at T2, followed by Bike Check-In at T1

Half & Quarter Distance


1:00 – 5:30 PM

Bike Check-In at T1 and Run Bag Check-In at T2. The gear bag must be tied on to the bike rack. Nothing can be sticking out or on the ground.

Saturday Bike and Run Bag Check-In is MANDATORY. There is no check-in on race day.

Check-In Requirements:

  • Your bike must have its stickers before you drop it in transition, therefore you have to pick up your race packet before arriving at bike check-in.
  • Please do not put a cover on your bike after racking.


The best way to mark your spot is with a bright colored towel. No balloons are allowed and will be taken down. Do not tape or mark the transition racks.


Bikes MUST stay racked in transition after you complete the bike portion of the event. Bike check-out will not begin until the final cyclist has completed the bike course.

Tentative Bike Check-Out Time:
Rookie / Sprint – 10:00 AM
Quarter: 12:00 PM
Half: 1:30 PM

Participants will be let in a few at a time if they need to collect something after they finish but before bike check out. Bikes cannot be removed from racks, removing your bike from the rack can result in disqualification. Please be courteous to your fellow participants and volunteers.


Friday, September 23
3:00 – 7:00 PM Expo & Packet Pickup at Inn of the Hills Hotel.
4:00 -7:30 PM   Rookie & Sprint Distance Bike Check-In at T1. T2 also
open for Run Bag check-in.
Saturday, September 24
5:30 AM T1 – Javier “J.P.” Pena Transition Opens.
T2 also open for Run Bag check-in.
5:30 – 6:15 AM Rookie & Sprint Distance Late Packet Pickup at T2
7:00 AM Pre-Race Warm-Up
7:15 AM T1 & T2 Areas Closed
Pre-race Meeting
7:30 AM Sprint Distance Race Start
8:00 AM Rookie Distance Race Start
10:00 AM Bike Check Out Opens (tentative)
10:30 AM Awards Presentation (tentative)
11:00 AM Kids Fun Run – Start/Finish at Finish Line
1:00 – 5:00 PM Expo & Packet Pickup at Inn of the Hills Hotel
1:00 PM – 5:30 PM Mandatory Bike Check-In at T1 and Run Bag Check-In at T2
5:30 PM T1 & T2 Closes
Sunday, September 25
5:30 AM Transition Areas Open
7:00 AM Pre-Race Warm-Up
7:15 AM T1 & T2 Closed Pre-race Meeting
7:30 AM Half Distance Race Start
8:20 AM Quarter Distance Race Start
10:30 AM Gear Bag Check Out (Tentative)
12:00 PM Quarter Distance Bike Check Out Opens (Tentative)
12:00 PM Quarter Distance Awards Presentation (Tentative)
1:30 PM Half Distance Bike Check Out Opens (Tentative)
3:00 PM Half Distance Awards Presentation (Tentative)
6:00 PM Volunteer Party

Tracking an Athlete

You can track an athlete by inserting the participants email address in the tracking app here:

Or, you can download the tracking app here:


It is the participant’s responsibility to know all three race courses. 

Rookie – 300 meters
Sprint – 500 meters
Rookie / Sprint Swim Course Maps

Quarter – 1000 meters
Half – 1.2 Miles
Quarter / Half  Swim Course Maps

Rookie / Sprint – 14 Miles – 2 loops
Rookie / Sprint Bike Course Map

Quarter – 29 Miles – 1 Loop
Half – 56 Miles – 2 Loops
Quarter / Half Bike Course Maps

Rookie – 2 Miles
Sprint – 5K
Rookie / Sprint Run Course Maps

Quarter – 6.55 Miles – 1 Loop
Half – 13.1 Miles – 2 Loops
Quarter / Half Run Course Maps


Time Division Cap Color
7:30 AM Men 39 & Under Neon Yellow
7:33 AM Men 40-49 Neon Orange
7:36 AM Men 50 & Over Neon Green
7:39 AM Women 39 & Under Neon Pink
7:42 AM Women 40-49 White
7:45 AM Women 50 & Over Purple
7:48 AM Relays & Aquabike Light Blue
Time Division Cap Color
8:00 AM Men 39 & Under Neon Yellow
8:03 AM Men 40-49 Neon Orange
8:06 AM Men 50 & Over Neon Green
8:09 AM Women 39 & Under Neon Pink
8:12 AM Women 40-49 White
8:15 AM Women 50 & Over Purple
8:18 AM Aquabike Light Blue
Time Division Cap Color
7:30 AM Open Red
7:31 AM Women 40 & Over Neon Pink
7:35 AM Men 50 & Over Neon Green
7:38 AM Men 40-49 Neon Yellow
7:42 AM Men 39 & Under Neon Orange
7:46 AM Women 39 & Under Light Blue
7:48 AM Relays & Aquabike White
Time Division Cap Color
8:20 AM Women 50 & Over Neon Yellow
8:24 AM Women 40-49 Neon Orange
8:30 AM Women 39 & Under Neon Green
8:36 AM Men 50 & Over Neon Pink
8:42 AM Men 40-49 White
8:48 AM Men 39 & Under Light Blue
8:56 AM Aquabike Purple


Location Time of Day
1:10 Swim Finish 9:00:21 AM
3:20 Bike Start of 2nd Loop (Mile 29) 11:10:21 AM
5:30 Bike Finish 1:20:21 PM
8:30 Run Finish 4:20:21 PM
Location Time of Day
0:35 Swim Finish 9:33:06 AM
3:00 Bike Finish 11:58:06 AM
4:30 Run Finish 1:28:06 PM
The cut-off for the rookie and sprint is three hours upon entering the water.


Race Day Parking will be available at the Downtown Parking Garage, Courthouse Parking Lot, and HEB on La Casa. There is also parking near Moore Home Furnishings, which is across the street from the Swim and Bike Start.

It is recommended that participants park near the finish line at the downtown garage or courthouse parking lot in the morning and then take the shuttle bus to the swim start, or arrange a ride with a spectator. This way you can easily walk your bike back to your car after the event.

If you are staying at Inn of the Hills – you can walk over to T1 and then take the shuttle down to T2 if needed and then back from T2 following the event.

Shuttles buses are open to everyone but for spectators wishing to drive – You can park at Moore Home Furnishings in the morning and then drive north and take a left on Thompson Dr. Follow this and you can park at the HEB on La Casa. Beware of crossing the bike course and watch for cyclists.



Shuttle buses are provided each day.

Shuttle buses will be provided in the morning on race day to transport athletes and spectators between the parking lots near the finish line to the swim start and T1.

Before 9AM they will run one loop from the downtown parking garage back to the Community Bank Parking Lot next to T1. THERE IS NO SHUTTLE BUS PICK UP AT T2 before 9 AM. If you want to visit T2 in the morning you will have to walk across the bridge from the parking lot, approx a quarter-mile.

After 9AM a second stop will be added outside of T2 next to the bridge. The bus then goes back to the parking garage and T1.

Shuttle buses are open to everyone including spectators. While bikes can go on the shuttle it is not recommended. People will take priority over bikes. If you parked at T1 take the shuttle back to your car and then drive back to pick up your bike.

Results & Awards

All finishers will receive a medal at the finish line. Awards will be given based on categories and the top 3 in each Age Group.

Results may change during and after the event. Results are not official until announced by race staff. To contest or update results, you can visit the results tent on-site or after the event please contact RunFar Timing.

Results will be posted on MyChipTime.

Relay Teams

All relay members must go to packet pick up to show ID and proof of USAT license. Team members do not need to go to packet pickup at the same time because each individual can check-in separately. However, the final person to check in is the only one who will receive the timing chip.

Common Questions & Answers

Can my friend/spouse/ etc pick up my packet for me?

  • No, you must be present with your photo id and proof of USAT membership to get our packet. No one else can pick up for you.
  • Guardians can pick up minors, 17 years or younger, but the minor must be present.

Do I have to wear the tattoos and bib number?

  • Yes, you must be body marked – tattoo’d – for this event. There are instructions on the back of the tattoos to put them on.
  • The bib number must be worn on the run. It is preferred if you can also wear the bib on the bike.

Can I do a practice swim before the race?

  • Yes, you can practice the day before your race.

Can I wear a wetsuit?

  • At Kerrville Triathlon the water temperature is usually wetsuit legal, under 78 degrees. But, depending on the summer it has been known to be warmer. The official call is not made until the official reading on race morning.

I am nervous about the swim. If I run into trouble, what can I do?

  • Certified lifeguards will be in kayaks lining the swim course monitoring all swimmers. At any point, if you become tired or frightened, you may hold onto the kayak without being disqualified as long as it is not making forward motion. Flotation devices such as noodles and buoys are not permitted.

Can I swim with my friend/spouse/etc?

  • We understand this is not as fun but as a USAT sanctioned event and for safety on the course you must start in your assigned age group.

Is this a draft legal event?

  • As a USA Triathlon-sanctioned event, drafting is not legal. You must maintain a minimum distance of 3 cycle lengths from other cyclists unless trying to overtake.

Can I listen to music during the race?

  • No, per USAT rules you cannot listen to music on the race course. You can carry a phone in your tri top, but it cannot be used.