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Welcome To 2018 Kerrville Triathlon Festival

Welcome to the 8th Annual Kerrville Triathlon Festival! At High Five Events, we look forward all season to our big finale in Kerrville, the final event of the Texas Tri Series.  The series begins in Austin with the Rookie Tri in May and concludes here in the beautiful and welcoming town of Kerrville. We will […]

Time for a Tune Up!

On race day there are many things that happen that are out of your control: that unusually fast guy in your age group, the weather, water temperature, etc. But you can prepare for things that are under your control like the condition of your bicycle. It is best to get a tune up on your bicycle […]

2018 Finisher Medal, Bibs, Shirt & Hat Designs

We are excited to reveal this year’s finisher medal! Along with is awesome bling, participants who register before September 1st will receive a personalized bib and their guaranteed shirt size! Watch the full video to see this year’s super soft tri-blend t-shirt and athletic trucker hat.

It Might Be Your Saddle Height

Many people don’t realize that a few millimeter adjustments can make a huge difference on how they feel on their bike. If you have the feeling like you are not making gains or if you have pains after riding, you may want to try adjusting your saddle height. What is Saddle Height? The saddle height is […]

New July Playlist

The days are getting longer and it is about time for a playlist refresh. We put together 1.5 hours of jammin’ tunes to keep you motivated while you move. Play from start to finish or pick and choose to add to your own playlist.   

Meet Buck The Kerrville Mascot

Meet our Mascot! Buck is your friendly Kerrville Triathlon Mascot. Always there for photo ops and high fives. Look for him at Swim Start before the race and at the awards ceremony at the finish line. Kids can race him from the start at the Kids fun run on Saturday.  

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Wetsuit Care Insructions

Wetsuits Care Instructions By following these simple wetsuit care steps you will extend the life of your investment. Wetsuits can be used in all open water conditions. You should not use your wetsuit in a chlorinated swimming pool. Over time the chlorine will damage the seams and degrade the fabric of the suit. No matter the water, […]