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Cycling Rules of the Road

Knowing the rules of the road is crucial to keep you and the rest of your squad safe Follow these rules of the road every time you ride and to stay safe during your training for your upcoming triathlon! 9 must-know safety tips for your next ride Stay safe during your training rides by knowing […]

Boost Your Mood: Quotes About Life to Lift Your Spirits

Let your troubles drift away with these quotes about life that are bound to boost your mood As much as we may hate to admit it, we’ve all been in a funk where it’s difficult to feel inspired to keep going. With many daily obstacles to face, from stress at work to family, love, and […]

Stylish Performance Sunglasses for the Trendy Triathlete

Performance Sunglasses for the trendiest triathletes When it comes to being a triathlete, there is a lot of gear needed to race your best the morning of a tri. However, there’s an important piece of tri gear that often gets overlooked: performance sunglasses. After all, you wear them for 2/3 of the tri during the […]

Favorite Mother’s Day Dinner Recipes To Make For Mom

Treat mom to a home-cooked meal with one of these Mother’s Day dinner recipes. Mom takes care of you every day, from cleaning the house to having dinner ready every night, but this Mother’s Day is all about letting mom relax. Celebrate all the special women in your life with a home-cooked meal to remember. […]

Top Health and Fitness Podcasts for Every Type of Athlete

If you’re a podcast lover like us, you are in for a treat! Check out our top favorite health and fitness podcasts. Whether you’re looking for a boost of motivation or just want to practice a healthier lifestyle, turning to podcasts for guidance is a great source. Not to mention a great way to learn […]

Dryland Swim Training Exercises When You Can’t Hit the Water

Try these dryland swim training exercises to help build strength and improve your performance in the water Training for the swim portion of your upcoming tri is always important. Although this workout won’t be identical to the benefits you get while actually in the water, such as perfecting your form and practicing your breathing; focusing […]

4 Famous People You Didn’t Know Were From Kerrville

From songwriters to one of the largest grocers in the US. We know Kerrville as the home of the most scenic triathlon in Texas, but it’s also the home of some pretty legendary superstars. Keep reading to find out 4 famous people you didn’t know were from Kerrville. Robert Earl Keen Robert Earl Keen is […]

Our Top 10 Favorite Photos From Kerrville Tri Over the Years

Loving every moment of Kerrville Tri throughout the years is easy, choosing our top 10 favorite photos was the tough part! We have celebrated 9 Kerrville Triathlon Festivals over the years and have loved every second of it! From the scenic views of the Texas Hill Country to the pure enjoyment we see from our […]

Prevent Hair Damage During Your Swim Training

Don’t let your tri training mess up your do! Here are some quick tips to protect and prevent damage to your hair during your swim training Chlorine is very damaging to your hair because it strips your hair of its natural oils, making it easier for your hair to become dry and break off or […]

7 Places to Visit on Your Road Trip Between Austin and Kerrville

Don’t dread the drive, check out our 7 favorite places you must visit between Austin and Kerrville for the road trip of a lifetime. 1. Pecan Street Brewing Hardware store-turned-brewery, Pecan Street Brewing is a must-see. Located in Johnson City, Pecan Street Brewing is a local favorite hangout to grab a beer with friends! While […]