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10th Annual Kerrville Triathlon Festival Hosts Largest Field in Event History

More than 1800 triathletes, the largest field in event history, registered for The Most Scenic Triathlon in Texas Nearly 5000 triathletes and their friends and family traveled to Kerrville, Texas, for the 10th annual Kerrville Triathlon Festival. More than 1800 triathletes from 20 states, the largest field in event history, registered for the Most Scenic […]

Kerrville Tri Expects Record Numbers for 10th-Anniversary Celebration

Triathletes from 20 states are ready for the 10th-anniversary celebration The Kerrville Triathlon Festival is ready to welcome the largest field in its 10-year history for triathlon’s return to the Texas Hill Country. Close to 1800 registrants from 20 states are bringing friends and families to the 10th -anniversary celebration. Kerrville Tri’s growth continues to […]


Transition Tips and Advice You Have to Know

Save time during your race with these transition tips Transition is where all of your gear is set up for switching between sports. This can be a really chaotic place, but an organized transition area can save you time and help you achieve your goals. There are two transition areas (T1 and T2) at Kerrville […]


3 Tips For Breaking In New Running Shoes

Ensure your new running shoes are broken in and race-day-ready You have an upcoming triathlon and all your running shoes need to be retired or are on the verge. So of course you’re ready for a new pair. Or two! There’s plenty of advice that can help you find what’s right for you if you […]


5 Reasons to Create a Triathlon Relay Team

Follow the 5 Fs of relay and start building your triathlon relay team Triathlon is often a sport people become involved in as part of a life milestone or a personal goal. The discipline, training, and gear can be intimidating and overwhelming. But, there’s a less daunting entry point to triathlon for rookies. Build a […]


I’m Training for My First Half Distance Triathlon at Kerrville!

Maximiliano gives some insight into training for his first half distance triathlon Everyone’s triathlon journey is different. Some want a new challenge. Others like the steadiness of training and the thrill of competition. There are triathletes who want to create a healthier lifestyle for themselves. Sometimes people are overwhelmed and never start. Maximiliano is a […]