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4 Reasons for Taking Advantage of Rest Days

Take advantage of rest days and speed up your recovery process When training for a triathlon, the last thing you probably want to hear is that you need rest days. But rest days are crucial to your recovery. Not resting can actually get in the way of your success. Your body needs time to recover […]


How to Prepare for Your First 70.3 Distance Triathlon

Execute your plan for a successful first 70.3 distance triathlon If you love shorter triathlons and are looking for a new challenge, then make your next goal a 70.3 distance triathlon. The 70.3, also known as half, stands for the total number of miles you’ll complete. This includes 1.2 miles swimming, 56 miles cycling, and […]


2021 Kerrville Triathlon Festival Opens Registration

Now’s the time to take advantage of Special Launch Pricing for the 2021 Kerrville Triathlon Registration is open for the 2021 Kerrville Triathlon Festival, also known as The Most Scenic Triathlon in Texas. The popular destination triathlon is produced by High Five Events. It’ll celebrate its 10th anniversary on September 25-26th, in Kerrville, Texas. In […]

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Increase Your Run Mileage with these Tips

Build your endurance and become a better runner when you increase your run mileage It’s been said that running is addictive. It’s also the final leg of triathlon, when you’re most exhausted. We want to go fast, push the boundaries, and better our overall time. Running longer distances is one way to learn about mental […]

How to Stay Motivated on the Indoor Trainer

Crush your rides on the indoor trainer and stay motivated with this advice Indoor trainers are a great way to stay fit and on top of your training. You can catch up on your favorite show, keep an eye on the kids, or avoid cycling in inclement weather. Using your indoor trainer is a great […]

Why Triathletes Should Work on Bike Skills

Improve as a cyclist and ride as safely as possible when you master these bike skills It is not “just riding a bike.” Everyday bike skills will not make you a better cyclist, but they can provide the foundation for you to improve. For triathletes, you can’t take advantage of speed if you don’t master […]

How Long Do Running Shoes Last?

Learn how long running shoes last and see if it’s time for a new pair Running shoes are designed to be tough. They protect you from many surfaces, give you hundreds of miles, and support your feet and joints. However, they suffer repeated pounding and won’t last forever. On average, you will need a new […]

Common Misconceptions about Triathlon

Don’t let these common misconceptions about triathlon keep you from your next adventure If you’re new to triathlons or can’t decide if you want to participate in one, it’s probably because you have some questions. We’re here to debunk common misconceptions about triathlons. With all the craziness of everyday life, adding triathlon training can seem […]

Inspirational Sports Movies and Documentaries on Netflix

You don’t want to miss these inspirational sports movies and documentaries on Netflix Everyone can use a motivational boost every once in a while! Netflix has several sports movies and documentaries which can lift your mood any day. The list below is perfect for your next rest day. You can also click play before your […]

5 Songs to Add to Your Running Playlist

Kick things up a notch when you add these songs to your running playlist Click refresh on your running playlist when you add these 5 songs. Your running playlist will never be the same! Strategically place them so the energy boost arrives right when you need it most. The right song can work wonders when […]