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3 Tips For Breaking In New Running Shoes

Ensure your new running shoes are broken in and race-day-ready You have an upcoming triathlon and all your running shoes need to be retired or are on the verge. So of course you’re ready for a new pair. Or two! There’s plenty of advice that can help you find what’s right for you if you […]


5 Reasons to Create a Triathlon Relay Team

Follow the 5 Fs of relay and start building your triathlon relay team Triathlon is often a sport people become involved in as part of a life milestone or a personal goal. The discipline, training, and gear can be intimidating and overwhelming. But, there’s a less daunting entry point to triathlon for rookies. Build a […]


I’m Training for My First Half Distance Triathlon at Kerrville!

Maximiliano gives some insight into training for his first half distance triathlon Everyone’s triathlon journey is different. Some want a new challenge. Others like the steadiness of training and the thrill of competition. There are triathletes who want to create a healthier lifestyle for themselves. Sometimes people are overwhelmed and never start. Maximiliano is a […]

The Best Kerrville Lodging for Triathletes during Race Weekend

These 4 places provide some of the best Kerrville lodging for triathletes The Texas Hill Country has an endless amount of spectacular views. That’s why Kerrville Tri is known as The Most Scenic Triathlon in Texas! These 4 places provide amazing sights or they’re really close to places you’ll want to visit. They’re also the […]


Don’t Let Others Say You Can’t Complete a Triathlon

Anyone who says “you can’t” complete a triathlon is wrong No one should tell you that you can’t do something. Ever. This blog post will inspire people who want to train for a triathlon, but have been told in some way they shouldn’t. Triathlons are tough and require training, but don’t let anyone stop you […]


Common Foot Problems Triathletes Experience

Keep your training on track when you avoid these common foot problems Triathlon is one of the most demanding sports. You push your body to the limit in training and on race day in pursuit of your goals. Regardless of the demands and whether you’re a first-timer or a veteran, you love the sport and […]