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Personal Mantras & Why Mindset Matters

“Mind over matter.” “If you can believe it, you can achieve it.” Hokey catchphrases or the real deal? I say they’re the real deal! As a 30-something mom who loves multi-sport, I know perception turns to reality. Given the importance of having a positive mindset during the training, here are a few personal mantras and go tos […]

Ambassador Blog: Training and Racing Over 50

If you bought a 50-year-old Porsche 911 everyone would say you bought a classic car, but when athletes turn 50 people tend to think they become junk heaps. The athletes themselves know that training at 50+ can be just as rewarding and fun as racing when you are younger and stronger. It just takes a different […]

Your Nutrition Guide for Every Triathlon Distance

Nutrition Guide for Every Tri Distance Besides the difference of length, short and long-distance triathlons are also different in the impact they have on athletes’ nutritional needs. Learning how to fuel appropriately can make a massive difference in the experience you will have during your training journey and on race day. Keep reading our nutrition […]

Tips for Sighting in Open Water

Sighting Tips for Open Water Swimming Swimming in the correct direction during open water can be a challenge for most athletes. This is why learning the proper technique for sighting in open water is crucial during training. Here are a few tips for sighting that can help when you line up for your next event. […]

How to Find the Best Triathlon Swim Goggles Fit for You

Everything you need to know to find the best swim goggles for triathlon A good pair of goggles is a tri-gear essential that can make or break your swim during your big race. That’s why it’s critical to find a pair that meet your standards and needs.  Durability, strength, comfortability, and adjustability are qualities you […]

How to Refuel at the Gas Station During Training Rides

Make a pit stop anywhere, anytime during your training rides with this Gas Station Refuel Guide You pump up the bike tires, check your saddle height, cover yourself with sunscreen, you open the cupboard trying to figure out what to bring for a mid-ride snack, but nothing looks appealing. Instead of agonizing on what to […]

What’s a Relay Team and Why Should You Create One?

Why Creating a Relay Team is The Best Way to Tri Just when you thought Kerrville Tri couldn’t get any more fun, now you can make it a team effort! Recruit friends, family, or co-workers and create your relay team for Kerrville Triathlon’s 10th-anniversary celebration this September 26-27! The 10th annual tri takes place in […]

Reliable Tips to Avoid Bonking and Blowing Up During a Triathlon

Avoid Bonking & Keep From Blowing Up What is bonking? Bonking is when you run out of energy to complete your event. Like a car running out of gas 10 miles into a 20-mile trip. You have no fuel to continue. What is blowing up? Blowing up is starting way too fast or maintaining too high […]

Cycling Rules of the Road

Knowing the rules of the road is crucial to keep you and the rest of your squad safe Follow these rules of the road every time you ride and to stay safe during your training for your upcoming triathlon! 9 must-know safety tips for your next ride Stay safe during your training rides by knowing […]

Boost Your Mood: Quotes About Life to Lift Your Spirits

Let your troubles drift away with these quotes about life that are bound to boost your mood As much as we may hate to admit it, we’ve all been in a funk where it’s difficult to feel inspired to keep going. With many daily obstacles to face, from stress at work to family, love, and […]