Gear Bags


Athletes will receive 3 bags with your packet. You will also receive a sticker sheet that contains 3 stickers, one for each bag. These are important to make sure your belongings are properly identified and are where they need to be on race day. Do not leave valuables such as wallets and car keys loose in the bags.

Here is how each bag is used:

  • (Yellow) T2 Gear Bag: This bag should be used to hold all of the items needed for transitioning from the bike to the run. This bag will remain in T2 until the transition area reopens for bike check out.
    • Drop this bag the day before your race at Louise Hays Park. Tie the bag to the rack and leave nothing on the ground.
    • Only 8 bags per rack, look for your bib range
    • Examples: run shoes, socks, gels, run hat, sunglasses, etc.
  • (Red) T1 Gear Bag: This bag is for anything you wear during the swim that you will not take on the bike.
    • Examples: goggles, swim cap, and a wetsuit.
    • Bring this bag with you on race morning.
    • Before getting on your bike and leaving T1, close the bag firmly and leave it on the ground by your spot. Be respectful of those next to you.
    • Everything must fit in the bag, any items left on the ground will not be transported. We are not responsible for items left behind.
    • We will pick up and transport your bag from T1 to T2 so that all of your belongings are in T2 after the race.
  • (Black) XT – Extra Clothes Bag:  This bag is for anything that you wish to have before or after the event.
    • Examples clean shirt, jacket, socks, flip flops.
    • You must drop off your bag at the truck located outside T1 before the swim start.
    • We will transport your bag from T1 to T2 so that all of your belongings are in T2 after the race.


You will receive 2 sticker sheets. The first has 3 large stickers – one for each of your gear bags.

The second sticker sheet is for your bike.

  • This includes a bike sticker that can be wrapped around your seat post.
    • If your bike setup does not allow it to wrap, it can be cut and placed on either side of the frame or wrapped along the top tube.
    • All bikes must have stickers before they can be dropped off for bike check-in.
  • There are two smaller stickers.
    • One sticker goes on the front of your helmet.
    • One sticker goes on the top of your front handle bars for easy bike check out.

All numbers should match your assigned bib number.

Bike care replacement timeline