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Tips to Boost Your Bike Mileage For Kerrville Tri

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Competing in the Kerrville Tri 2024 is an exciting challenge that demands peak performance across swimming, biking, and running. Among these, biking is a critical segment where you can gain a significant edge by increasing your mileage. Whether…

The Half Iron Distance: A Guide to Understanding the Kerrville Triathlon 70.3

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Learn all about the Half Ironman, also known as the 70.3 triathlon. Discover race details, naming conventions, and essential training tips for your next endurance challenge.

Mastering the Descent: Essential Tips for Downhill Riding in the Kerrville Triathlon

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Are you ready to conquer the downhill segment of the Kerrville Triathlon like a pro? Riding downhill can be exhilarating, but it also presents unique challenges that require skill and technique to navigate safely and efficiently. Whether you're…

Up Hill Riding 101 for the Kerrville Tri 

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Welcome to the first installment of our seven-part series where we're going to turn you into a cycling talent, just in time for the Kerrville Tri! And today, we're starting with a topic that makes many cyclists quake in their cleats—hill riding! But…

Juggling Life and Triathlon Training: 5 Essential Tips for the Kerrville Tri Participants

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Training for a triathlon like the legendary Kerrville Triathlon is no small feat, especially when you have to balance it with the other thousand things in your life. But don’t sweat it—well, at least not about the scheduling part. Here are…

Conquer Kerrville Tri: Your 4-Month Half Distance Training Plan

Are you ready to take on the challenge of the Kerrville Triathlon's Half Distance race? With a 1.2-mile swim, a 56-mile bike ride, and a 13.1-mile run, it's an exhilarating test of endurance and determination. But fear not! With the right training…