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Course Description

Each distance of the Kerrville Tri will begin with a swim in scenic and calm waters of Nimitz Lake formed by the dammed Guadalupe River that flows through town. The course is marked with safety features including sighting buoys and lifeguards. Just a short distance from the swim exit is the transition for the bike course,T1. T1 is located in the grassy field behind the Community First National Bank, on Hwy 16 at the intersection of Guadalupe St.

The famous bike course leaves T1 for a ride through the historic downtown district. For 2021, we’re working with the City of Kerrville and TxDOT on adding a dedicated lane for cyclists on Highway 27 between Happiness Road and FM 1350 due to TxDOT adding rumble strips on the shoulder. This affects the Quarter and Half distances on Sunday.⁠

From here the Half and Quarter Distance will continue out of town for a fast ride through rolling ranch country side and by creek fed water crossings. The Quarter Distance will do one loop and the Half Distance will do two full loops. For the second loop, instead of turning onto Park Lane, bikes will continue down La Casa to the second transition area (T2) located at Louise Hayes Park.

Starting in 2015, the Kerrville Triathlon Run course is held entirely on the paved Kerrville River Trail. This scenic trail follows the Guadalupe River from Louise Hayes Park all the way to Kerrville Schriener Park. The Half Distance will complete two 6.55 loops, while the Quarter and Rookie Distances run courses will be a single loop.


All events at the Kerrville Triathlon Festival will use a two transition area format. T1 (swim to bike) and T2 (bike to run) are in different locations approximately 2 miles apart. Participants will ride their bicycles during the event from T1 after the swim to T2, where they will begin the run.

See full transition information and gear bags, here.

Aid Stations

Rookie & Sprint Distance

Bike Course:
There are no aid stations on the bike course. Plan ahead by bringing your own water bottles and by visiting the aid station located at T1. There will be a mechanic located at T1 before race start. Bike mechanics will be roaming the course on Saturday.

Run Course:
The run course aid stations for the Rookie & Sprint Distance will have Water and Gatorade. They will also have a porta potty.

Half & Quarter Distance

Bike Course:
The quarter distance aid station will be at mile 17. The half distance will have aid stations at mile 17, 29, and 43. Aid Stations for the Quarter & Half will be stocked with water, GU gels, Gatorade drink, pretzels, and fruit. At each station, there will be medical personnel from Peterson Medical who can provide injury assessment and first aid. There will also be EMTs in vehicles roaming the course for athletes in need of assistance.

There will be a bike mechanic located at T1 that will be accessible during check in and before the race. There will also be bike mechanic staff from Hill Country Bicycle Works.

Run Course:
The Half and Quarter Distance run course will have aid stations at approximately each mile.  Aid Stations for the Quarter & Half will be stocked with water, GU gels, and Gatorade drink. They will also have a porta potty.

Finish Line Festival

Finally, we get to the important part! The Finish Line Party is stocked with goodies, good music, and fun fun fun! The finish line area is open to the public so feel free to invite family and friends to come experience the excitement while you are out crushing the course.

H-E-B is providing some top notch food for all participants and the Jack & Adam’s Fredericksburg will be keeping the grills hot and the food coming throughout the day! There will be bountiful refreshing drinks and yummy snacks as well as a beer garden for participants over 21 ! Make sure you have your band on; this not only gets you in transition but also into the beer garden. Food and drinks are for participants only.

There is free water in the water monsters to everyone, so spectators should make sure you pack your reusable water bottle. All participants will be given a Custom Kerrville Water bottle. Food & drink for spectators may be available for purchase, and may be free at some vendors.