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Performance Sunglasses for the trendiest triathletes

When it comes to being a triathlete, there is a lot of gear needed to race your best the morning of a tri. However, there’s an important piece of tri gear that often gets overlooked: performance sunglasses. After all, you wear them for 2/3 of the tri during the run leg and bike leg. We know looking for the right pair of shades that look great and meets both your running and cycling needs can be difficult. Find a pair that meets your personal style and performance needs with these recommendations of reliable, stylish performance sunglasses for your upcoming tri.



Lookin’ cool out on the Kerrville Tri course!

Bottom Line:

Performance sunglasses are a must. They protect your eyes from dirt, harmful rays from the sun, and other possible debris that may come your way during a race. The last thing you want to do is fidget with a pair in the middle of your race. Having the right pair of sunglasses can make or break your performance on race day. With these stylish performance sunglasses, you’ll be ready to crush it this year’s Kerrville Tri, and look cool in the process! Keep this in mind next time you’re in the market for some tri shades: the lighter the better, protection from UV rays is crucial, and comfort is key.

What bike helmet do you wear when you ride?

In the United States, government standards ensure that every bike helmet sold will help protect you in a crash. For most riders safety alone is not enough: a good bike helmet must be comfortable, have good ventilation, and be the “least dorky looking.”

So which brand is best? The truth is that there is no best option. Each helmet company has a slightly different profile and will fit each person a little differently. The key to the decision-making process is to find what works best… Share on X

Remember, looks are important, but protection, comfort, and functionality should come first. White reflects heat, which every little bit can be helpful if you find yourself riding outside in Texas during the summer months. We suspect that this why the color is so popular among ours staff. That and it is classic and can be worn with any kit.

Check out what bike helmet High Five Events’ employees wear and how long they’ve been riding. 

bike helmet

William’s (the Rookie) bike helmet.


Riding Experience – 10 Years

Favorite Helmet – Giro Savant MIPS


Riding Experience – on and off for 4 years

Favorite Helmet – white Giro Revel MIPS

Helmet Color of Choice – White


Riding Experience – Since 2006

Favorite Helmet – Giro Foray

Helmet Color of Choice – White


Riding Experience – riding for 24 years (not counting kid bikes)

Favorite Helmet – Giro Air Attack

Helmet Color of Choice – Black


Riding Experience – 2 Months

Favorite Helmet – Giro Isode

Helmet Color of Choice – White


Riding Experience – Since High School no exact years listed 😛

Favorite Helmet: Giro Atmos II

Helmet Color of Choice – White


Riding Experience – Since he can remember, this might be longer than Dan but no one will confirm.

Favorite Helmet -Giro Savant MIPS

Helmet Color of Choice – Bright red/black


Riding Experience – Since 2001

Favorite Helmet- Giro Atmos II

Helmet Color of Choice – White