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Common Misconceptions about Triathlon

Don’t let these common misconceptions about triathlon keep you from your next adventure If you’re new to triathlons or can’t decide if you want to participate in one, it’s probably because you have some questions. We’re here to debunk common misconceptions about triathlons. With all the craziness of everyday life, adding triathlon training can seem […]

Inspirational Sports Movies and Documentaries on Netflix

You don’t want to miss these inspirational sports movies and documentaries on Netflix Everyone can use a motivational boost every once in a while! Netflix has several sports movies and documentaries which can lift your mood any day. The list below is perfect for your next rest day. You can also click play before your […]

5 Songs to Add to Your Running Playlist

Kick things up a notch when you add these songs to your running playlist Click refresh on your running playlist when you add these 5 songs. Your running playlist will never be the same! Strategically place them so the energy boost arrives right when you need it most. The right song can work wonders when […]

Ensure Your Saddle Bag has these Essential Items

Saddle bag and essential items explained It’s important to carry a saddle bag with you on all of your bike rides. You know this is true if you’ve ever had a flat tire or minor mechanical problem. A saddle bag is specifically designed to hang underneath your bicycle seat. They come in a variety of […]

Bike Buying: the Dos and Don’ts

Follow these bike buying guidelines if you’re in the market Buying a bike can be a massive undertaking. There are so many options, accessories, fits, shops, and questions. That’s where this bike buying advice can help! Follow these bike buying dos and don’ts to make sure you get the bike that’s just right for you. […]


6 Motivational Running Tips to Keep You Going

Keep logging those miles with these motivational running tips Whether you’re a seasoned runner or a first-timer you will face a time when you’re feeling too “blah” to run. Perhaps you’re too busy, too tired, or maybe feeling under the weather. You’re not alone! This is something that all triathletes experience. Breakthrough the excuse barrier […]

Brick Workouts – What You Need to Know

Learn why every training plan should include brick workouts Triathlon is an extensive physical competition that tests versatility in swimming, biking and running. Making brick workouts a part of your training can help you significantly improve your performance. A brick workout involves consecutive sessions of two triathlon activities, usually biking and running, in any order. […]

2020 Kerrville Triathlon Canceled

2020 Kerrville Triathlon Festival canceled Thank you for registering for the 2020 Kerrville Triathlon Festival. We have an update concerning this year’s event scheduled for September 26-27, 2020. Unfortunately, we have been forced to cancel the 2020 Kerrville Tri as a result of mandates by local/state governments and the recommended CDC guidelines. And, unfortunately, postponement […]