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Milestone Mileage Checklist for your Bike

Use this milestone mileage checklist to keep your bike riding like new Did you just buy a new bike? Perhaps you just had a complete bike tune-up before you began training for Kerrville Triathlon. Maybe you had some parts replaced during the offseason. Whatever state your bike is in, you want your trustworthy ride to […]

4 Motivational Quotes to Keep You Going

Use these motivational quotes during your Kerrville Tri training The mental aspect of training for Kerrville Triathlon is just as vital as the physical. You can cycle all the miles, swim all the laps, and complete all the brick workouts. But if you don’t prepare between your ears you’re not fully prepared. This is where […]

Use Fins to Become Faster in the Water

Why you should use fins Do you want to improve your kick strength, ankle flexibility, body position, and increase your speed in the water? Of course you do. Use fins during some of your swimming workouts!  With the right amount of training and overall improvement, you’ll improve your Kerrville Tri swim in Nimitz Lake. Wearing […]

Learn How Threads per Inch Affects Your Bike Ride

Learn about TPI and make sure your bike has the tires you need Curious about TPI? So are a lot of other cyclists and triathletes. In short, TPI stands for Threads per Inch. Take the time to learn about TPI, how it can impact your ride, and what bike tires we recommend. This knowledge can […]

Simple Steps for Derailleur Adjustment

Follow these derailleur adjustment tips to eliminate shifting issues Experiencing issues shifting as you begin training for Kerrville Triathlon Festival on Sept. 28-29? Try your hand at a derailleur adjustment with these simple steps. Derailleur designers provide a simple way for you to dial in shifting. You don’t even need tools (although, it’s easiest to […]


Pros and Cons of Bike Frame Materials

Bike frame materials breakdown If you’re in the market for a new bike, you might be overwhelmed with the different types of bike frame materials from which you can choose. Be prepared; know the type of bike you want and what you want it to do. When researching online or speaking with a dealer you […]

Registration is Open for 2019 Kerrville Triathlon Festival

Registration is open for the 2019 Kerrville Triathlon Festival as of Friday, February 1st. The 9th annual Kerrville Triathlon weekend will take place September 27-29, in Kerrville, Texas. Last year, more than 1400 triathletes competed in eight different events. They included a swim course in Nimitz Lake, bike course through the Texas Hill Country, and […]

Truing Your Wheels: The Breakdown

Truing your wheels at home could save you money and get you back on the road If you have some free time you should practice a new skill – truing a wheel!  Before diving into the details, understand what ‘truing’ means. Often times, hitting potholes, curbs, and foreign objects can adjust your wheel, making it […]

Prevent Rust from Forming on Your Bike

Don’t let rust begin forming on your bike We all know that nothing creates more of an eyesore on a bicycle than rust. The most common parts that rust are the bolts in the cockpit of the bicycle and the chain. The reason it shows up so readily on chains is that they are entirely […]

Group Riding Guidelines

Implement these group riding guidelines on your next ride Group riding provides cyclists with enjoyment, exercise, training, support from other cyclists, and safety. Whether you’re riding to lunch with co-workers or completing a 50-mile Kerrville Triathlon Festival training ride with your crew, the following group riding guidelines will come in handy. Knowing these basic group […]