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Wetsuit Tips – Getting Out of Your Wetsuit

Getting out of your wetsuit efficiently can save you time You exit the water and are ready to head to transition, but first your wetsuit. Getting out of your wetsuit can be tricky, especially if you panic and don’t focus on the task at hand. This will slow you down and lead to an extended […]

Time for a Tune Up!

On race day there are many things that happen that are out of your control: that unusually fast guy in your age group, the weather, water temperature, etc. But you can prepare for things that are under your control like the condition of your bicycle. It is best to get a tune up on your bicycle […]

Wetsuit Tips – Getting into Your Wetsuit

CAUTION: When getting into your wetsuit, sharp objects can penetrate the rubber of your performance wetsuit. Long fingernails and other sharp objects could make small cuts in the surface of your wetsuit if caution is not exercised. These small cuts are not covered under the manufacturer warranty and are the responsibility of the owner. When […]

Follow these 6 Simple Steps for a Clean Drivetrain

You should strive for a clean drivetrain While you’re hanging around this summer, why not try your hand at making sure you have a clean drivetrain? With these simple steps, you’ll be the grease monkey you always dreamed of being! Not only that, but keeping your drivetrain clean and lubed extends the life of your […]

2018 Finisher Medal, Bibs, Shirt & Hat Designs

We are excited to reveal this year’s finisher medal! Along with is awesome bling, participants who register before September 1st will receive a personalized bib and their guaranteed shirt size! Watch the full video to see this year’s super soft tri-blend t-shirt and athletic trucker hat.

Highlight on Volunteers: Camille Baptiste

Camille Baptiste provides as much energy volunteering as she does racing This month’s winner of the High Five Events‘ “Nomination Contest” is Camille Baptiste. She was nominated by her husband Woody. He says that if Camille is not racing, she is usually volunteering. Baptiste is known for putting “as much energy into volunteering as if […]

Trainers and Rollers: Which One is Best for Me?

Learn the difference between trainers and rollers Bicycle trainers and rollers can come in handy when your training moves indoors. Many factors can force this switch, from weather to time restrictions. Price, skill level, usage, and ability can all factor into your purchasing process. Use the info below to your advantage when shopping for trainers […]

It Might Be Your Saddle Height

Many people don’t realize that a few millimeter adjustments can make a huge difference on how they feel on their bike. If you have the feeling like you are not making gains or if you have pains after riding, you may want to try adjusting your saddle height. What is Saddle Height? The saddle height is […]

Kerrville Triathlon Adds Virtual Distances

Triathletes can participate in virtual Kerrville Triathlon from anywhere in the world Registration for the 2018 Kerrville Triathlon Festival virtual triathlon opens on Monday, July 9th. The 8th annual Kerrville Triathlon Festival will take place September 28-30, 2018, in Kerrville, Texas. Last year, more than 1400 triathletes competed in eight different events that featured a […]

New July Playlist

The days are getting longer and it is about time for a playlist refresh. We put together 1.5 hours of jammin’ tunes to keep you motivated while you move. Play from start to finish or pick and choose to add to your own playlist.