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Wetsuit Maintenance Recommendations

Extend the life of your wetsuit with these wetsuit maintenance recommendations Wetsuits may help you swim like a shark, but they are actually one of the more delicate pieces of triathlon equipment. Even the most careful wetsuit owner may be shocked to find tiny nicks or tears in the neoprene that occurred during a frenzied […]

Chain Wear: What to Know and How It Can Affect You

Know the signs of chain wear and how you can check at home Most people do not replace their chain often enough. This leads to the gears not shifting correctly and excessive wear on your chainrings and cassette. Chain wear is affected by a few things: riding conditions, riding style (masher vs spinner), and shifting […]

Offseason Training: The Run

Focus on the run now, reap the benefits later The offseason is upon us. Before you focus on the run, take a few weeks to mentally and physically repair your engine. Kayaking on Town Lake, spending time with the family (who were neglected during a long triathlon season), and reading a book will allow you […]

Post-Race Bike Maintenance

Make post-race bike maintenance an integral part of your training plan Most triathletes put a great deal of thought into everything leading up to a big race (equipment, training, nutrition, etc.) However, many do not know what bike maintenance should be completed after a race. With Kerrville Tri less than a month ago, you might want […]

‘Tis the Season – for the Offseason!

Don’t allow this year’s training to disappear during the offseason Offseason to a lot of triathletes means taking time off from October to March to help re-energize for the following season. Others focus on different sports to get out of the winter elements. The rest just simply take time off.  How can you train during […]

Highlight on Volunteers: Terra Balentine

In case you need it, Terra Balentine brings extra energy and enthusiasm when she volunteers The latest winner of the High Five Events‘ Volunteer “Nomination Contest” is Terra Balentine. Her contagious energy positively affects everyone! Terra was nominated by her fellow volunteer Nancy Edmonds. Edmonds describes Terra as a “very giving person.” Nancy, along with […]

Texas Hill Country Shines During Kerrville Triathlon Festival

Participants crossed the Kerrville Triathlon Festival’s finish line, then celebrated at the finish line festival More than 1000 participants flocked to Kerrville, Texas, to participate in the 8th Annual Kerrville Triathlon Festival. The most scenic triathlon in Texas featured two days of action, plus a two-day expo. Participants gave their all on a course highlighted by […]

Kerrville Triathlon Ready to Showcase the Texas Hill Country

Triathletes from 15 different states prepare for Kerrville Triathlon, the most scenic triathlon in Texas High Five Events concludes their 2018 triathlon season with the Kerrville Triathlon Festival. The event will take place on Saturday, Sept. 29 and Sunday, Sept. 30, in Kerrville, Texas. More than 1300 athletes will participate in this beloved Hill Country […]

Meet City Limit Cycles

Introducing the Official Bike Mechanic for Kerrville Tri – James Balentine, owner of City Limit Cycles Tune-up your bike and know how to change your own flat tire before race day. If you arrive in Kerrville and something occurred to your bike during transit, James and his City Limit Cycles van will be at your service during bike […]

Change Your Tubular with Ease

Be prepared for the inevitable, learn how to change your tubular Changing a tubular. Get ready for fun. Seriously! Many factors can lead to the need to change your tubular. Regardless of what happens, the fact remains, you still need to learn how. Make sure you have the materials below before beginning this process. Follow […]