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Meet Buck The Kerrville Mascot

Meet our Mascot! Buck is your friendly Kerrville Triathlon Mascot. Always there for photo ops and high fives. Look for him at Swim Start before the race and at the awards ceremony at the finish line. Kids can race him from the start at the Kids fun run on Saturday.  

Difference Between Tubulars and Clinchers

We highlight the pros and cons of tubulars and clinchers If you’re relatively new to triathlon then you’ve probably noticed many new terms, like tubulars and clinchers. Even veteran triathletes are learning new terminology about the sport. Whether you’re new to triathlon or you’ve been racing for years, we break down the difference between tubulars […]

Tri Gear Round Up

Time for some tri gear upgrades! After you cover getting the basics for a triathlon, there comes a large list of wants and upgrades. This edition of Tri Gear Round Up we will focus on some of these upgrades and the benefits of each. After you cover getting the basics for a triathlon, there comes […]

Swim, Bike, Run, Represent a Reason

Represent a Reason and take your training to the next level! People race Kerrville Triathlon for many reasons. It’s the most scenic triathlon in Texas. Most race to prove to themselves they can complete a longer distance triathlon. Others race to beat their previous time. Some participate to stay in shape. When you Represent a Reason you […]

Treat Your Body like a Racecar

Is your body like a racecar? Maybe you should think of your body as a racecar! For long-distance racing (swimming, biking, running), nutrition is the key to success. That is assuming you appropriately trained for the race and pace yourself based on your training. The biggest thing we see is the lack of knowledge around calories […]

Wash Your Bike Like a Pro

Wash your bike and extend the life of its parts This time of year it seems like you always need to wash your bike. Whether it is from rain or indoor trainer rides, it seems like your bike is always dirty, even a couple of days after you wash your bike. Items needed to thoroughly […]

Bike Helmet Recommendations

What bike helmet do you wear when you ride? In the United States, government standards ensure that every bike helmet sold will help protect you in a crash. For most riders safety alone is not enough: a good bike helmet must be comfortable, have good ventilation, and be the “least dorky looking.” Remember, looks are […]

Run Softly (And Listen When You Run)

Run softly you could take time off your run As triathletes, it seems that the inherent beating our legs take while on training runs often leads to some of the most nagging and potentially severe injuries. That dreaded pain on the inside of a shin. The chronically inflamed IT band. A perpetually tight hamstring. The […]

Replacement Timeline for Bikes

Take care of your bike and it’ll take care of you Triathlon season is rapidly approaching for most triathletes! If you’ve been riding all winter or are brushing the cobwebs off, take the time to learn about/be reminded of a replacement timeline for the parts on your beloved road/tri bike. Whether Kerrville Tri is the […]