Pedal Paradise: Explore Austin’s Top 5 Biking Trails for Kerrville Tri Training


Are you gearing up for the Kerrville Triathlon and seeking the perfect biking trails in Austin to elevate your training? Look no further! Austin, Texas, boasts a plethora of scenic trails that cater to all levels of cyclists. Here are five must-try biking trails to enhance your Kerrville Triathlon preparation:

1. Lady Bird Lake Trail

Embrace the heart of Austin as you cycle along Lady Bird Lake. This 10-mile loop offers breathtaking views of the skyline and a serene waterside experience. Perfect for both leisure rides and intense training sessions.

Location: Downtown Austin

2. Barton Creek Greenbelt

Dive into nature with the Barton Creek Greenbelt trail. Spanning over 12 miles, this trail takes you through lush greenery, creek crossings, and rocky terrains. It’s a challenging yet rewarding choice for those seeking a diverse biking experience.

Location: South Central Austin

3. Southern Walnut Creek Trail

For a smooth and scenic ride, explore the Southern Walnut Creek Trail. This 7.3-mile paved trail winds through woodlands, providing a tranquil escape from the urban hustle. Enjoy a seamless ride perfect for increasing your speed and endurance.

Location: Northeast Austin

4. Veloway

Dedicated exclusively to cyclists, the Veloway offers a 3.1-mile loop within a natural setting. This smooth, asphalt trail is ideal for honing your biking skills, speed work, and maintaining a consistent pace.

Location: Southwest Austin



5. Brushy Creek Regional Trail

Venture a bit north to discover the Brushy Creek Regional Trail. With over 6 miles of well-maintained paths, this trail features diverse scenery, including woodlands, open fields, and the picturesque Brushy Creek Lake.

Location: Cedar Park


These biking trails not only provide excellent training grounds for the Kerrville Triathlon but also showcase the natural beauty Austin has to offer. Whether you’re a seasoned cyclist or just getting started, these trails cater to all, ensuring a fulfilling and enjoyable training experience. So, grab your bike, hit the trails, and make every ride count toward your Kerrville Triathlon success! 🚴‍♂️✨