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A female customer speaks with a bike shop sales representative in front of a row of bikes. Text on design reads Dos and Don'ts of Bike Buying. Learn more at https://kerrvilletri.com/2020/10/bike-buying/

Bike Buying: the Dos and Don'ts

Follow these bike buying guidelines if you’re in the market Buying a bike can be a massive undertaking. There are so many options, accessories, fits, shops, and questions. That’s where this bike buying advice can help! Follow these bike…
Female runner runs along the Guadalupe River during the Kerrville Triathlon. Text on design reads 6 Motivations Running Tips to Keep You Going. Read them at https://kerrvilletri.com/2020/09/6-motivational-running-tips/

6 Motivational Running Tips to Keep You Going

Keep logging those miles with these motivational running tips Whether you’re a seasoned runner or a first-timer you will face a time when you’re feeling too “blah” to run. Perhaps you’re too busy, too tired, or maybe feeling under…
Triathlete flexes her arms during the 2019 Kerrville Triathlon. Text in design reads Brick Workouts What You Need to Know

Brick Workouts - What You Need to Know

Learn why every training plan should include brick workouts Triathlon is an extensive physical competition that tests versatility in swimming, biking and running. Making brick workouts a part of your training can help you significantly improve…
Female cyclist rides on the bike course during the Kerrville Triathlon. Text on design reads How to Drink on the Bike. Learn more about hydrating while cycling at https://kerrvilletri.com/2020/09/hydrating-while-cycling/

How to: Hydrating While Cycling

Follow our advice to get better at hydrating while cycling If you're new to cycling, one of the challenges to get accustomed to is knowing how to drink water while peddling. Just as there is skill needed to balance, ride curves, and pump uphills,…

When to Wear a Wetsuit for Triathlon

Wetsuits can be a big boost to your triathlon swim if the conditions are right. Triathletes normally wear a tri suit during a triathlon. A tri suit is made of a thin athletic material and can come in one or two-piece options. Sometimes because…
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What You Should Know About Triathlon Distances

What are the different triathlon distances? We cover the basics to help you choose the right one for you A triathlon is a sports event that rewards your grit, stamina, and endurance. It is a comprehensive competition which includes swimming,…