Up Hill Riding 101 for the Kerrville Tri 

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Welcome to the first installment of our seven-part series where we’re going to turn you into a cycling talent, just in time for the Kerrville Tri! And today, we’re starting with a topic that makes many cyclists quake in their cleats—hill riding!
But fear not! The hills on the Kerrville Tri course are more like gentle waves than the towering peaks you might picture when you think of the Texas Hill Country. So, let’s saddle up and learn how to ride these rollers with style and a smile!

Find Your Groove on the Go

  • First things first, when you see that hill approaching, don’t go charging up like a bull at a gate. Ease into it and find a groove that feels like you could keep spinning for days. Get your gear game on point so you can maintain a happy cadence without turning your legs into jelly.

Get Comfy with the Climb

  • Your bike isn’t just a machine; it’s an extension of you! Lean in like you’re telling it a secret and keep your peepers peeled on the prize ahead—not down at your dazzling shoes. Stay loosey-goosey with your grip and shrug off those shoulder gremlins. Keep it chill, and you’ll save energy for the party at the peak.

Breathe Like You Mean It

  • Inhale the courage, exhale the doubt. Keep that oxygen flowing to feed your mighty muscles. And remember, tension is the enemy of fun—so keep it light and breezy, both in spirit and on the handlebars.

Stand and Deliver (But Not Too Much)

  • Time to rise up! But hold your horses—this isn’t a standing ovation. Use your stand-up power moves for those short, grumpy gradients that need a little extra oomph. Pro tip: click into a tougher gear before you stand to avoid that awkward wobble.

Clip In and Pull Up

  • Ah, the magic of clipless pedals! They’re not just there to make walking a comedic event. Use them to your advantage by pulling up as well as pushing down when you climb. It’s like having a secret leg army helping you out.

Specificity is Key

  • Want to be a hill boss? Train like one. Find a hill that mimics what you’ll face in the triathlon and do repeats until you know every inch of that slope like the back of your hand—or tire.

Pacing is Everything

  • It’s a triathlon, not a sprint up Mount Everest. Keep your inner speed demon in check and pace yourself. There’s no shame in holding back a bit to save some zest for later.

High-Five Yourself at Every Peak

  • You’ve made it to the top—give yourself a mental high-five! Each hilltop fiesta builds your confidence and keeps the good vibes rolling.
    So there you have it, —the first chapter in your epic saga of becoming a cycling machine! Stay tuned for more cycling sorcery in our next post, and remember, the Kerrville Tri hills ain’t got nothing on you!