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Group of 4 triathletes pose for the camera at Kerrville Triathlon. Text on design reads 5 Reasons to Create a Triathlon Relay Team. Read more at https://kerrvilletri.com/2021/08/build-triathlon-relay-team/

5 Reasons to Create a Triathlon Relay Team

Follow the 5 Fs of relay and start building your triathlon relay team Triathlon is often a sport people become involved in as part of a life milestone or a personal goal. The discipline, training, and gear can be intimidating and overwhelming.…
A bartender at Pint and Plow smiles after pouring a beer. Text on design reads 9 Best Kerrville Spots to Eat, Drink, and Visit. Learn more at https://kerrvilletri.com/2021/08/best-kerrville-spots/
Maximiliano leaves transition on his bike during a sprint triathlon. Text on design reads A Triathlete Story: I'm Training for My First Half. Maximiliano talks about training for his first half distance triathlon. Read more at *link in bio*

I’m Training for My First Half Distance Triathlon at Kerrville!

Maximiliano gives some insight into training for his first half distance triathlon Everyone’s triathlon journey is different. Some want a new challenge. Others like the steadiness of training and the thrill of competition. There are triathletes…
Triathlete shows the peace sign to the camera before he swims in Nimitz Lake at Kerrville Triathlon. He's in a sleeveless wetsuit with his swim goggles and swim cap. Text on design reads 6 Tips on Taking Your Swim from the Pool to Open Water. Read more at https://kerrvilletri.com/2021/07/from-the-pool-to-open-water/

6 Tips for Taking Your Swim from the Pool to Open Water

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Grow as a swimmer when you transition from the pool to open water The thought of swimming in open water can cause anxiety and feel overwhelming if you’re used to the clear waters of a pool. But don’t worry! It’s not as daunting as it…
Female triathlete crosses the Kerrville Triathlon finish line with her arms in the air. Text on design reads Free Finisher Video for all 2021 Participants. Learn more about the free, personalized finish line video at https://kerrvilletri.com/2021/07/free-personalized-finish-line-video/

10th Annual Kerrville Triathlon Offers Free, Personalized Finish Line Video

Free, personalized finish line video stems from expanded partnership with FinisherPix The Kerrville Triathlon Festival will provide a free, personalized finish line video for all participants as part of its 10th anniversary on September 25-26.…